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From cleaning to geometry measurement to tracking and launching, Tremco Pipeline Equipment reviews its innovative pigging products.

Pigging is a crucial aspect of maintaining the integrity of pipelines. Tremco Pipeline Equipment distributes leading international pigging brands to the Oceania market, encompassing various types of pigs, including utility and cleaning pigs, each designed to address specific pipeline challenges. Here, we explain the unique features of each easy-to-use tool that help you get the job done quickly and effectively.

For a quick and cost-effective geometry inspection: EnviroCal

EnviroCal Pipeline Inspection Solutions was established with the aim of providing straightforward solutions to complex inspection challenges by leveraging the latest technologies. This can be seen with the company’s versatile RS-Caliper, which has 35 per cent collapsibility and 1.5D back-to-back bend negotiating capability.

Available in sizes from 4–36 inches, the RS-Caliper can be used with almost all petro-chemical products and gases, including water and air. The lightweight tool is perfect for pre-in-line-inspection Go NoGo runs or base-line pipeline surveys, exerting very low friction within the pipeline and requiring the lowest head and differential pressures in the industry.

EnviroCal also manufactures the RS-Deformation tool, which combines the effectiveness of conventional deformation tools with the unique RS-Caliper system. The RS-Deformation is available in sizes from 3 to 14 inches, and has a high geometry sensor density across multiple rows of low-mass sensing fingers to detect anomalies.

The RS-Caliper and RS-Deformation is shipped without a technician, which makes it a cost-effective solution due to zero mobilisation fees and minimal stand-by charges. Tremco Pipeline Equipment has access to the full range of the RS-Caliper and RS-Deformation tools for hire, ready for dispatch within 1–2 weeks.

tremco Pipeline Equipment
Girard Industries’ pigging range. Image: Tremco Pipeline Equipment

For a thorough pipeline clean: Girard Industries  

As manufacturer of the original ‘Polly-Pig’, Girard Industries has been producing high-quality pipeline cleaning pigs and accessories for over 55 years.

A leader in innovative pipeline cleaning, Girard makes and provides technical assistance on pigs to clean even the most difficult natural gas, hydrocarbon, water and special application pipelines, with all equipment manufactured at its plant in Houston, Texas.

Its product catalogue includes poly-pigs (or foam pigs), steel mandrels, solid cast polyurethane, polyurethane spheres and pig tracking equipment for both pipeline and meter proving applications, as well as replacement cups, discs and other urethane wear parts to fit most pigs on the market.

Tremco Pipeline Equipment has partnered with Girard to distribute its pigs and equipment in Australia for over 25 years. It carries a range of foam and cast urethane pigs in stock from 1–20 inches, and works with clients on custom pig designs and orders for pipelines that are considered unpiggable.

tremco Pipeline Equipment
Maloney Technical Products’ trackable Smart Sphere. Image: Tremco Pipeline Equipment

For a tight seal: Maloney pipeline spheres

Maloney Technical Products manufactured the first pipeline sphere in 1952, and remains the industry leader in spheres to separate and batch products, or for meter proving and pipeline evacuation activities. The spheres can also be used as signal actuating devices.

Maloney spheres are specially designed with a thick wall, and compounded for optimum resiliency. The spheres are compression-moulded at cavity pressure exceeding 2000 PSI – a process that is critical to ensuring a uniform density of the compounded material to yield unmatched wear-resistance.

The spheres can pass through short bends, properly designed tees and full-opening conduit type valves. They can pass through out-of-round pipe, will wear evenly, and can be wear-compensated by adjusting the diameter by inflation.

Recently, Maloney Technical Products collaborated with CDI to introduce the Maloney Smart Sphere – a trackable pipeline sphere capable of withstanding rugged pipeline conditions without any abnormal wear and tear.

The Smart Sphere carries a transmitter that lets you track its location and speed. It features quick and easy transmitter removal and replacement, two ports for normal inflation and filling, and is available in a variety of polymers and sizes.

Maloney’s spheres are available for order from Tremco Pipeline Equipment as required.

tremco Pipeline Equipment
An example of a report produced by CDI’s Qube AGM and GlobalTrack Cloud Service. Image: Tremco Pipeline Equipment

For easier, real-time cleaning pig tracking: CDI

Established in 1982, CDI brings innovation and reliability to pipeline pig tracking.

The company’s Qube Above Ground Marker (AGM) and GlobalTrack Cloud Service has redefined pig tracking by providing seamless real-time monitoring and data accessibility for pipeline cleaning operations.

The Qube AGM accurately detects the passages of pipeline pigs equipped with MFL magnetisers and EM transmitters, and can track pigs acoustically with its built-in geophone. The GlobalTrack cloud connectivity works with the Qube AGM to enable stakeholders from anywhere in the world monitor pipeline pig progress in real-time, either manually or through automated tracking.

The products also streamline data transfer and reporting processes. With automatic data uploads to the GlobalTrack cloud service, manual downloads are no longer necessary, and run reports become available as soon as the tool is trapped. This saves time and resources while providing valuable insights for decision-making.

tremco pipeline equipment
CDI’s PigAlert (L) and PigAlert Pro and flasher (R). Image: Tremco Pipeline Equipment

Alternatively, CDI’s PigAlert and PigAlert Pro pig tracking tools are a cost-effective solution which magnetically attach to a pipeline asset. The tools offer real-time text message notifications, GPS tracking, and no monthly fees. Both tools detect magnet-equipped pipeline pigs, but PigAlert Pro adds the ability to detect flags tripping and switch closures from intrusive pig signalers.

Both devices are available with an optional remote and wireless flasher indicator with a magnetic base, allowing for convenient remote monitoring of pig passages. PigAlert and PigAlert Pro are durable and waterproof, making them the reliable and straightforward choice for pig tracking.

Tremco Pipeline Equipment also distributes a range of CDI EM transmitters and tracking receivers.

Some CDI tracking equipment is kept in stock, while other pieces can be ordered for fast delivery.

BKW’s pig switch (L) and Cactus Flow Products’ shut off valve (R). Image: Tremco Pipeline Equipment

Pigging valves and accessories for efficient pig transfer, launching and receiving

Tremco Pipeline Equipment also distributes a range of pipeline pigging valves and accessories, which can be ordered in to suit your specific application. These include BKW sealing and non-sealing pig switches and Cactus Flow Product shut-off pig valves.

The BKW switches are robust, low-maintenance piggable diverter valves specially designed to allow efficient, non-obstructed product transfer.

Cactus Flow Product shut-off pig valves are a special type of ball valve made in Texas that allows the launch and receipt of pigs, without the use of a pig launching system. This makes them a more economical and environmentally safe option compared to traditional pig launches.

The bi-directional valves are available in sizes between two and 12 inches in either RF and RTJ connections and are compatible with special Girard pigs. The valves feature a fire-safe design, manufactured with a forged body and stainless-steel trim.

tremco Pipeline Equipment
Image: Tremco Pipeline Equipment

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