PAC gets on board landmark renewable hydrogen project

Pipeline Actuation & Control’s (PAC) primary expertise has been in the supply of actuated valve packages for offshore oil and gas production facilities; and as part of the HIFraser Group, the company’s capabilities extend into other niche products and services for oil, gas, mining, transport and petrochemical industries.

With more than 60 years of industry experience, PAC has extensive familiarity with both onshore pipelines and processing plants and its teams have a broad knowledge of the valve industry, the comprehensive PAC product portfolio, relevant Australian and international standards, and how they are applied to specific systems and project requirements.

Stepping up on hydrogen

PAC is currently working on one of Australia’s first pilot projects that will see the injection of renewable hydrogen into one of the country’s metropolitan gas networks.

The company has called this project a key step towards decarbonising Australia’s gas networks, which are responsible for delivering as much energy each day as the electricity networks. 

Unlike combustion of natural gas which releases energy, water and carbon dioxide (CO2), when hydrogen gas is burned only energy and water are released, not CO2.

This project enables carbon-free energy to be delivered to homes through not only existing electricity wires, but also existing gas pipes. 

The project includes the production of hydrogen through electrolysis of water, using a 1 MW electrolyser powered by renewably sourced electricity.

Once produced, the facility includes the capacity to store approximately 100 kg of hydrogen onsite, meaning green hydrogen can be dispatched into the grid during times that are decoupled from times of renewable electricity production, like when no wind is blowing and no sun is shining. 

The storage component of the project will also provide real life project costs which may demonstrate the enormous potential of hydrogen as a buffer storage medium for renewable energy, particularly when scaled up as compared to electric battery storage. 

PAC has been contracted by the project proponent to supply the hydrogen injection panel, which meters and controls the flow of hydrogen into the existing gas network main. Along with the injection panel, PAC was also awarded a contract for the hydrogen pressure reduction and distribution panel which supplies hydrogen to other hydrogen applications onsite. 

The panels are designed, manufactured and tested in PAC’s facilities in Perth, Australia. 

“It’s been great to work with the end user and engineering consultants from concept stages into detailed design and contract award through building and delivering this package,” said PAC’s Mitch Blyth when onsite for final commissioning. 

“And to be here today commissioning, it I’m feeling really proud of everyone involved. It’s so good for PAC to be playing our part in taking an important step towards Australia’s zero carbon energy future.”

Extensive capabilities

PAC continues to be one of the most knowledgeable and specialised equipment manufacturers in the country.

The company provides valve actuation solutions either from its facilities in Australia where it designs, builds and tests to customer specifications, or out of its original equipment manufacturer suppliers’ facilities for direct delivery where required.

PAC’s actuation capabilities cover linear and rotary valve configurations as well as all control types for on/off control, process control, safety system shut down applications and intermediate positioning for process control.

The company also maintains a large inventory of instrumentation, including flow and pressure switches, compression and threaded tube fittings, flow control valves, double block and bleed vales, filter regulators and monoflanges.

Through its close  relationships with suppliers, PAC can manufacture custom equipment to suit any customer’s unique requirements.

PAC is the Australian representative for a wide range of international brands, including ARCA Valves, BWB Controls, Sprague, PetrolValves, Za.Ve.Ro, DK-LOK, Plast-o-Matic, Broady Valves, VSI Controls and Versa Valves.

For more information visit the PAC website. 

This article was featured in the July 2021 edition of The Australian Pipeliner. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here.

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