OSD Pipelines provides engineering services on Fairview to Wallumbilla pipeline

At Wallumbilla the pipeline delivers gas into the Wallumbilla hub via a connection through the Epic Energy station. From the Epic Energy station the gas will flow to market through the Roma to Brisbane and the Ballera to Wallumbilla Pipelines.

OSD Pipelines provided Santos with

* Engineering services and specifications for construction and testing of the pipeline, inlet station and the outlet metering station which includes nomination and flow control.
* Engineering services and design specifications for procurement of pipe, valves and actuators, metering station equipment, telemetry, filters and scrapers.
* Engineering services for route selection and Government and Landholder Approvals.
* Engineering services as well as facilitation services for Risk Assessment, Hazops and Hazids.
* Engineering services and preparation of design drawings for civil works, piping and isometric fabrication, instrumentation, metering, electrical and lighting works.
* Engineering services and preparation of a detailed commissioning plan for the pipeline and metering stations.
* Engineering assistance during pipeline and station construction and commissioning.

Supply of these quality engineering services facilitated the successful delivery of the pipeline which was successfully put into operation in March 2007.

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