Olympus Australia introduces inspection solutions

The Olympus product range covers high quality optical, electronic and precision engineering products used in remote visual inspections and non destructive testing (NDT) including: videoscopes, fiberscopes, rigid borescopes, phased array inspection systems, ultrasonic and eddy current flaw detectors, thickness gauges and consumer products.

Weld inspection

Olympus has introduced a new integrated weld inspection solution. In industries such as oil and gas, countless welded tubes and pipes must be inspected throughout their entire service life. The company said that the new weld inspection solution provides benefits when testing welds, including higher inspection speed, greater probability of detection and better reporting and traceability. The new manual weld solution is based on the field-proven OmniScan flaw detector and a new series of probes dedicated to manual weld inspection. The manual weld inspection solution from Olympus NDT includes the OmniScan M instrument and a new phased array weld probe series.

For pipeline girth weld inspections the PipeWIZARD from Olympus is the ideal solution according to the company. Inspection of pipelines is often associated with constraints such as time, data analysis and data storage; the PipeWIZARD from Olympus can assist in overcoming those constraints. The PipeWIZARD offers automated inspection of girth welds using phased array. Olympus said that the advantages of using the PipeWIZARD include fast scanning speed at 100 mm/s; that it is very flexible for different pipe diameters, wall thicknesses and weld profiles; low operating costs; high reliability; and, “˜one size fits all’.

Remote visual inspections

Olympus continues to support the pipeline industry through the introduction of new and improved products in Australia. These products include the IPLEX FX Videoscope, for remote visual inspections. The IPLEX FX is designed for rugged applications. The company said that the durable design, together with light weight and advanced imagining system, makes the IPLEX FX ideal for battery operations.

The IPLEX FX is designed to operate in the most demanding of environments and complies with internationally recognised Military Standards (MIL-STD 810F). This compliance assures a greater level of environmental performance than regular industry standards and provides increased reliability against dust and fluid. The IPLEX FX is equipped with an array of recording options and external interface solutions for a seamless transition to post-inspection analysis, archiving and measurements.

Olympus’ unique technology allows bright, contrast-balanced images to be produced across the entire depth of field using the SmartTip optical tip adaptor, with LEDs providing the illumination. This new design contributes to the reduction in overall system size and power consumption, while maintaining the ability to change the direction of view and field of view characteristics.

For further product information contact Olympus Australia, on 1300 132 992 or meet us at the APIA 2008 Convention at stand 69.

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