Old tasks, new technologies

Parent company of Enerpac, Actuant Corporation, dramatically expanded the bolting technology, expertise and solutions capabilities of its Australasian organisation through the recent acquisition of two international leaders in this field, the Hedley Purvis Group and Hydratight Sweeny, now known as Hydratight.

Working as a team, Enerpac and Hydratight deliver national leadership and global capability in professional bolting technology and services, drawing on the resources of the powerhouse global Actuant organisation, which operates in 30 countries with sales exceeding $1 billion.

Enerpac focuses on the most advanced, efficient and safe technologies required for bolting tasks in maintenance and fabrication. Its engineering, supply and service capabilities encompass state-of-the-art steel and aluminium torque wrench and tensioner systems, high-performance, new generation pumps and valving for efficiency and safety and a total spectrum of complementary labour-saving bolting tools.

Enerpac’s advanced technology complements the capabilities of Hydratight, which designs and manufactures products for the bolting market, including torque wrenches, multipliers, tensioners and nut splitters. In addition, Hydratight provides manpower and other services to bolting end users in industries such as mining, mineral processing, oil and gas, power generation, and the general heavy engineering industry.

“The Enerpac-Hydratight partnership dramatically expands the bolting solutions capabilities available through Enerpac in Australia and New Zealand,” says Anders Mangen, Business Unit Manager of the Australasian operations of Enerpac.

“These capabilities are backed on-site through a strong network of Territory Managers, Service Centres, Distribution Channels and technical backup resources established by Enerpac over five decades.

“The combination of Hydratight’s bolting product and engineering know-how are a natural fit with Enerpac’s hydraulics expertise and distribution competencies. These competencies and resources together will offer customers a complete bolting solution provider,” says Mr Mangen, who has appointed Pat Molloy as National Bolting Manager to lead Enerpac’s drive to Australasian leadership in professional bolting technologies.

Enerpac is the leading supplier of high-pressure (700 bar) hydraulic equipment to Australasian industry, having nationwide service backup and a strong distribution network. Its ranges of 700 Bar (10,000 psi) precision hydraulic cylinders and tools are complemented by the new professional bolting technology which addresses the needs of major areas of industry, including mining and energy, infrastructure construction, manufacturing, pipelines, mobile machinery, tracked and heavy vehicles, craneage and fixed plant.

New professional bolting technology introduced to Australasia by Enerpac includes the W and S series of compact but extremely powerful high pressure (700 bar) hexagonal and square drive torque wrenches, which are designed to streamline many common, time-consuming and potentially hazardous maintenance and fabrication tasks. These wrenches are designed for maximum durability, reliability and safety, with rigid steel design and outstanding power to weight ratios. The easy-to-use tools are designed to replace laborious, inaccurate and often hazardous bolting and unbolting methods, such as flogging wrenches.

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