Oil refinery adopts Belzona Composite Pad for pipeline repair and protection

The exclusive distributor of Belzona in Australia, Rezitech Services PTY Ltd., completed a Belzona Composite Pad application project for one of Australia’s leading oil refinery operators and fuel retailers.

The client was experiencing significant external corrosion on several of their main pipelines. Prior to the Composite Pad applications, the client had used rolled steel plates bonded with Belzona 1111 (Super Metal) to arrest the external corrosion and provide extra strength to the fuel pipes until they could be cut out and replaced.

In previous years, the client was bonding between 50 to 100 rolled steel plates a year. Although this traditional method of repair was effective against corrosion, the production of the plates was time-consuming due to the fabrication process being carried out off-site. This resulted in the client waiting up to three days from the initial order to delivery.

Other issues related to the use of rolled steel plates were the size; a typical plate could be as big as 400 x 400mm, making it very heavy and difficult to hold in place and would typically require three technicians to complete the bonding process. In addition, some plates would arrive slightly over rolled or under rolled, which would delay the application further. And finally, during the summer months, the plates would become very hot and uncomfortable to handle.

Engineers from Rezitech suggested a Composite Pad using Belzona SuperWrap II as an alternative solution to the rolled steel plates.



The reinforcement sheets were cut to the required size.
Wetting out reinforcement sheets.

Due to the lightweight properties of the Composite Pad, it forms perfectly to the required size of pipe and can be applied with just two technicians. The Pads can be fabricated on-site by qualified SuperWrap II contractors. The client can manage a more efficient and proactive maintenance schedule by providing offcuts of the most common pipe sizes to the contractor, enabling them to pre-fabricate and store the Pads for future installation when required.

The reinforcement sheets applied to the pipe contour.
Wrapping the release film.

“The Belzona composite Pad is made from a carbon fibre composite material that is lightweight yet possesses excellent mechanical properties,” Rezitech Belzona technical specialist Charlie Farrant said.

“As a result, the Pad is ideal for use as a ‘doubler plate’ on holed or thin-walled pipes or as a pipe wear Pad.”

The fabricated Belzona composite pads ready for use.

“This week, we installed our first Belzona composite Pad to one of our main fuel lines at our oil refinery,” A spokesperson for the Oil Refinery said.

“The installation process was simple and effective along with being ergonomically friendly for the installers, given the significant weight difference to that of a steel plate.”

The pipe is still in good condition two years later, and the refinery has used the Belzona Composite Pad in many other areas as a replacement for steel plate bonding. They form them on site and have made stock ready to go for their various pipe sizes at the facility.

To learn more, visit rezitech.com.au.

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