No-Dig Down Under 2023 calls for abstracts

No-Dig Down Under 2023 - Plenary.

The deadline is looming for industry personnel who wish to submit an abstract for the No-Dig Down Under 2023 conference.

No-Dig Down Under 2023 is focussing this year on a central theme of ‘Better outcomes through trenchless’, with the abstract submission deadline falling on the 31 March.

Submissions are welcome for topics that foreground achieving better environmental, community and financial outcomes in the trenchless space.

Speakers from Australia and abroad are invited to present papers covering case studies, new technologies, challenging projects and environments and the necessary skills, training, and risk management required for the industry to thrive.

Abstract submissions will consider the following questions:

  • What is your paper about?
  • How does it contribute to better outcomes for the trenchless industry?
  • How did you do it? (e.g. is it based on a new product that was tested, a review of available literature or a project which pushed the boundaries of current knowledge or experience?)
  • What did you find out?
  • Why are your findings important to the trenchless industry?
  • Do your findings bring value to the broader community, and if so, how?

To submit your abstract visit No-Dig Down Under 2023.

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