Nixon and NewSat servicing the SWQP via satellite

Nixon Communications will provide and manage communications to all campsites along the pipeline. To overcome communication blackspots along the route of the pipeline, caused by the remote landscape, Nixon Communications has partnered with NewSat, who will provide satellite services to Nixon Communications, will provide and manage communications via satellite to all campsites along the pipeline.

To meet the project’s vast operational and administrative requirements, fully self-sufficient transportable camps will have access to full high-speed voice and data services.

During the course of this project Nixon and NewSat will support 50-60 heavy data users, providing full data services back to Nacap’s head office. Wireless Internet and voice over internet protocol will also be available to over 450 camp residents.

The project runs on a 28 days on, 9 days off work cycle and will be completed over 10 work cycles. Camps along the pipeline route, including all offices and all communication facilities, move during every cycle break.

Nacap commenced construction on the pipeline, which will transport coal seam gas from Wallumbilla in South East Queensland to Moomba in South Australia, in August.

Approximately 100,000 tonnes of 450 mm diameter high strength fusion-bonded epoxy coated steel pipe will be used in the construction of the pipeline, together with 120 tonnes of welding electrodes and 9 million litres of diesel for machinery, vehicles and generators.

For more information about Nixon Communications’ innovative and effective solutions to communication problems in remote and non-remote environments, visit their website.

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