New system minimises risk in welding

The Kemppi ArcQ System is suited to monitoring critical welding operations including oil and gas pipeline welding. It caters for multi-operator and even multi-site monitoring using wireless technology, and can be tailored to meet the changing needs of the welding operation thanks to its modular structure.

The Kemppi ArcQ System 2.0 solution serves as a platform for collecting and analysing all relevant welding related data in a user’s production process. The system automatically reports non-compliant welding in real time to both the welder and head office to improve productivity, while ensuring the weld meets the defined welding procedures.

Designed for use in metal inert gas/metal active gas welding, the ArcQ System offers an easy and comprehensive way of recording base and filler materials, welder qualifications and all welding procedure specifications.

The system automatically reports any non-conformances to predefined welding procedures. It can also anticipate service needs and collects welding information for quality documentation, offering traceability even down to individual welds.

The productivity benefits come from increased quality and effectiveness of the welding work, automated monitoring, and faster and easier collection of operational documentation.

ArcQuality is also the first quality control service that can automatically monitor compliance to welding procedure specifications, as well as the validity and coverage of welding qualifications in manual welding.

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