New portable gas measurement tool provides versatility and safety

The Gascoseeker series of instruments was the original instrument designed when GMI worked with the intended users to ensure that the instrument would be ideal for user applications. The Gascoseeker is still available today, demonstrating its robust durability and capability to provide the service it was designed for. The Gascoseeker range was expanded and now includes the 500 Series Detectors widely used by the gas industry throughout the world.

The philosophy of working with the end users has continued with the newly introduced GT instrument. This is another instrument manufactured by GMI, after working closely with various gas companies, and designed for the gas technician working on gas distribution networks. New features widen the number of applications available to the GT, extending its range to gas technicians working both upstream and downstream of the meter. The GT introduces multiple modes of operation to the user, which can be tailored to suit specific applications and budgets.

Leak detection is made easy with the GT using the highly sensitive parts per million (ppm) range. This comes with an audible / visual Geiger indicator to signal increasing gas concentration. Three hydrocarbon detectors ensure continuous tracking of the leak from low ppm to the source with optimum accuracy at the most critical points.

The carbon monoxide (CO) mode for safety monitoring will keep the technician safe from poisonous CO exposure by constantly monitoring, displaying and recording CO gas levels. At CO gas levels above safe limits, a high-pitched audible and bright visual alarm is activated. In addition, all gas readings, date, time, and alarm events are stored in the instrument memory for upload to a computer and analysis at later date.

The GT is supplied as standard with three impressive additional features, which are:

  • Integrated pump – ensures positive flow of the sample over the gas detectors and allows the user to draw a sample from a distance. It removes the requirement for an externally attached pump unit that is clumsy and more liable to fail;
  • Pressure sensor – intrinsically safe, meeting procedures for tightness testing with resolution to 0.1 millibar; and,
  • Torch – intrinsically safe torch for working in dimly lit areas.

The GT series is available in five different models, ranging from the base model suitable for technicians working downstream of the meter to the top of the range model for the engineer working both upstream and downstream of the meter with nitrogen purge applications and confined space measurements.

The GT series is not a confined space monitor being marketed to gas technicians, it is a gas measurement tool that can also do confined space gases.

Unfortunately confined space monitors are being offered for this application even though they are inadequate for the job of working with gas. Typically they have insufficient sensitivity for leak detection, and they rarely measure to 100 per cent gas. Effective leak detection requires a sensitive flammable gas range, as well as the ability to go to 100 per cent gas. A confined space monitor resolves to 1 per cent lower explosive limit with +/- 3 per cent accuracy – and a leak of 2,000 ppm may be reported as zero.

For more information contact Heath Pipeline Services on 0418 640 522 or visit their booth at the 2008 APIA Convention.

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