New pipeline for Werribee

Southern Rural Water is working on the final stage of the multimillion-dollar infrastructure modernisation project in Werribee’s Irrigation District.

The Werribee Irrigation District Modernisation Stage 5 project is the last of five stages and will replace the region’s ageing and inefficient open channel irrigation network with a modern piped system.

The works will involve construction of 8.3 kilometres of new pipeline, 47 automated outlets and a regulator east of Duncans Road.

Southern Rural Water managing director Cameron FitzGerald said these works complete the $42 million Stages 1 to 5 investment made in securing Werribee’s farming future and will deliver benefits to growers.

“Our customers can look forward to better service through automated water delivery 24 hours per day, seven days per week,” he said.

“Installing a modern piped irrigation system will enable growers to produce food more efficiently and help secure their ability to supply Victorians with healthy and nutritious food for years to come.

“These improvements in efficiency help conserve our precious water and support farmers to be more climate resilient to a hotter and drier future.”

The Werribee Irrigation District is one of Melbourne’s vegetable gardens, located 30km southwest of the city. It specialises in growing vegetables and leafy salad with a farm gate value of more than $187 million per year. The district employs approximately 660 people.

In total, the Werribee Irrigation District Modernisation project will deliver more than 39km of new pipeline and approximately 207 automated customer outlets.

Stages 4 and 5 of the Werribee Irrigation District are jointly funded by the Australian Government through the National Water Grid Fund, Southern Rural Water, and the Victorian Government.

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