New Miller Titanium welding helmets released

One of Australia’s leading welding supply companies, Welding Industries of Australia, has announced the release of the Miller Titanium range of welding helmets.

Designed to provide the protection and durability that professional welders demand when working in heavy use, high heat industrial applications, the Titanium range is ideal for fabrication, manufacturing and construction environments.

“These helmets are designed for welding professionals working in tough industrial environments, particularly for welders working in demanding hot applications,” said Welding Industries of Australia Marketing Manager Deborah Adamson.

“Welding is a very demanding occupation, and anything that can make a welder’s working environment more comfortable is a positive for them. It is also a positive for employers, as research suggests that a happier employee is a far more productive than one who might be heat stressed and uncomfortable.”

The Titanium range includes the 9400, which has a standard shell with external grind button, and the 9400i, which has a lift-front design with an integrated, high impact grind shield for maximum protection and versatility.

The integrated grind shield of the 9400i provides a 180-degree field of view while grinding and complies with Australian High Impact Standards. By being integrated, the grind shield improves safety and productivity by allowing the welder to switch between welding and grinding without removing the helmet. On the 9400 model, users can switch between weld and grind modes at the push of a button.

Other key features of both models in the Titanium range include:

    • A silver shell and an innovative aluminium heat shield on the lens, which together assist in keeping the operator cooler and thereby contributing to reducing heat stress;


    • An InfoTrack arc timer to allow the user to track arc time while welding;


    • A digital clock display with the ability to set an alarm or timer;


    • Lightweight headgear with a simple ratchet system, built-in comfort cushion, pivoting top, and multiple angle and distance position adjustments to make it easier for the welder to find the right fit;


    • Four independent arc sensors to deliver a superior lens response for the most demanding applications;


    • Miller’s exclusive X-Mode function, which eliminates false activations, sunlight interference and intermittent sensing;


    • Intuitive digital controls with large displays to allow the welder to easily adjust modes, shade levels, delay and sensitivity;


    • Auto-On/Auto-Off function;


    • Low amperage tungsten inert gas welding performance;


    • Lithium battery power with solar assist for long life; and,


  • Magnifying lens holder (lenses are available in 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 magnification).

Complying with AS/NZS 1337.1 and AS/NZS 1338.1, the Titanium range comes with a class-leading three-year warranty and bonus accessories, including five outside cover lenses, two inside cover lenses and a helmet bag.

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