New “˜cloud connector’ to keep mobile workforce floating

Mipela GeoSolutions has launched X-Info WebConnect – a web-based business tool that allows today’s mobile workers analyse data within and beyond the confines of the office network, and make business decisions on the go.

The new tool allows people to easily tap into their business or project data from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Mipela GeoSolutions Managing Director Hayden McDonald said “In the same way that they can currently access email, calendars and the internet, mobile or remote workers can quickly and conveniently navigate company databases that were designed for the desktop using screens the size of their smartphone or tablet.”

X-Info WebConnect allows businesses to have role-based access by defining user groups and security levels, thus simplifying the task of locating data by showing only those fields that are relevant to particular user groups.

For more information, view the X-Info WebConnect video at or visit

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