Need a little extra help when it comes to shoring?

SBH Australia was formed in July 2007 and is a specialist in shoring box hire, as well as steel plates, construction lasers and pumps for the civil construction industry. Customer service staff who have extensive field experience are able to assist clients in all aspects of shoring.

With a focus on safety, products are designed to prevent trench collapses to protect the people working in them. SBH Australia National Manager Matt Lay explains that, with the use of reliable shoring benefits such as increased safety as well as time and cost savings are achievable.

“There is less digging involved, reducing the need for re-instatement of ground, as you don’t have to bench out such a big trench. This German designed and made steel construction shoring system is effective, variable and safe for use in any application where you need to shore up a trench. We have equipment in stock for immediate delivery to your site and we supply a full set of operation instructions for easy assembly and use,” Mr Lay says.

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