NATA-accredited laboratory delivers calibration services to Surat Basin

The newly-established National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) calibration laboratory was set up by UPT in the Surat Basin Industrial Park, a precinct fast becoming an industry hub for specialist services in the region.

UPT Operations Manager Tony Alcock said the laboratory had full NATA accreditation to conduct calibrations on all types of pressure instruments and torque wrenches, and further specialist services that the UPT team can now offer its clients.

“UPT has made a significant investment over recent years to expand its range of testing and commissioning services, and adding calibrations to our portfolio of expertise, further supports the growing needs of the region and its ability to self- support,” said Mr Alcock.

UPT’s laboratory is the only NATA accredited facility in the Surat Basin, and is the only one located in close proximity to operational areas.

“Up until now, Surat Basin companies were forced to use Brisbane or interstate testing facilities, which was not only costly, but also required increased lead times,” said Mr Alcock.

“With our new laboratory set up, our team can now provide full calibration services either in-house, on-site at the well heads, or in a company’s establishment through UPT’s mobile
field unit.”

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