Nacap, from strength to strength, an energy infrastructure leader

Explore the company’s recent project history in pictures.

Nacap has long been at the forefront of the pipeline industry for many decades. Today, it is recognised as a versatile energy infrastructure contractor, encompassing a wide range of projects ranging from complex transmission pipelines to wind farms and infrastructure in defence, water and mining across Australia, Papua New Guinea, and South East Asia.

One of Nacap’s recent project for Jemena/Zinfra, Port Kembla Gas Pipeline. Nacap successfully delivered an ECI scope to de-risk and optimise, followed by the construction scope. Project located in Wollongong NSW. Image: Nacap

Nacap President Matthew O’Connell emphasised the company’s remarkable legacy and steadfast dedication.

“As a specialist energy solutions provider, Nacap is underpinned by a commitment to delivering our clients safe, reliable and robust solutions for powering communities,” he said.

Nacap’s recent 580km major gas pipeline project for APA in Western Australia, Northern Goldfields Interconnect Pipeline. Image: Nacap

“Our team is renowned as much for our capacity to form professional, mutually beneficial long-term partnerships as we are for our values: integrity, teamwork, and striving to be better.”

Nacap in partnership with its sister company Nova, provided defence aviation services to its client US Department of Defence. Nacap’s most recent project is the cut and cover major fuel tanks and advanced fuelling systems in Northern Territory. Image: Nacap

The company’s expertise spans the oil and gas, power transmission, renewable energy, defence, mining, and water sectors, encompassing everything from pioneering power generation solutions to major pipelines and networks.

The company also provides civil construction for complex infrastructure projects.

In a commitment to harnessing renewable energy sources, Nacap’s comprehensive services encompass the cutting-edge construction of wind farms, battery storage solutions, and the advancement of thermal energy systems. Image: Nacap

Nacap stands as a respected energy contractor within the Australian, Papua New Guinea and South East Asian pipeline industry, catering to major asset owners and prominent multinational organisations in sectors like liquified natural gas, oil, gas, water, and mining.

Another recent gas pipeline project in Moomba for Santos. The project included close collaboration with Santos and their engineering team to support construction optimisation and delivery timelines. Image: Nacap

The company’s commitment to innovation, safety, and excellence paves the way for a promising future.

And as the team looks ahead, Nacap is unwavering in its dedication to investing in the energy transition, with a vision to build a better, more sustainable future for all.

Nacap’s multidisciplinary delivery expertise in complex facility construction is evident in this project, located in Papua New Guinea. Image: Nacap

O’Connell reaffirmed Nacap’s commitment to investing in new innovations and technology:

“We continuously refine and enhance our resource strategies to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety,” he said. “Our aim is to efficiently and reliably deliver resources while contributing to the global transition towards sustainable energy for a better future.”

Nacap respects cultural heritages and works cooperatively with landowners to deliver successful outcomes for projects.

“Social license is integral to every facet of our operations,” O’Connell said.

Nacap’s recent gas pipeline project for Beach Energy, Enterprise gas pipeline in South-West Victoria including the construction of gas and mono-ethelyene glycole pipelines. Image: Nacap

“Our deep-rooted commitment to respecting both people and the land is evident in our longstanding support for First Nations Australian participation and reconciliation.

“Our genuine concern for the welfare of our communities, and our proactive approach to pioneering tomorrow’s energy infrastructure today.”

O’Connell said he has always taken an immense pride in the Nacap team who bring the company’s values to life, and who are the backbone of its success.

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