Momentum designs savings

Momentum Engineering has made significant savings for its clients in two recent major projects. These have been realised without impacting project schedule, quality or integrity.

In the current economic climate, companies are turning their attention to reducing costs. However Momentum said that the agreement to improve cost execution of the two projects that it was involved in occurred well before the downturn, which the company says highlight’s its focus on providing a proactive, flexible, practical and effective service to the industry.

The first project involved the design of a gas pipeline compressor station. The design was to be based on a recently completed project, with limited modifications to the station layout and elevations. Through the use of replicated documentation and efficient procurement processes to obtain identical equipment, a greatly reduced engineering cost was achieved when compared to the original project.

The second project involved designing a major brownfield upgrade to three onshore gas compression trains to increase both head and flow. The project included the engineering and procurement of all components, from inlet shutdown valve to outlet shutdown valve. Through client consultation, a series of deliverables was produced for the second and third trains. Integrity and quality were assured by a “˜gap-analysis’ approach, identifying areas where the modified trains were different from one another. The result was an execution of engineering at a cost much less than would otherwise have been possible.

Momentum said that it understands that reducing costs requires a big picture view of the project. Engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, operation and maintenance costs all need to be considered to realise the most cost-effective approach.

Momentum Engineering provides engineering consulting and project management services to the energy and resource sector. Its customers are large and small companies seeking an understanding, co-operative and effective approach to their needs.

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