Modester Chawirah – Enscope’s driving force in workplace equality


As a valuable member of Enscope’s Senior Management Team, Modester Chawirah is a driving force in ensuring that these values flourish in the workplace and her work is not only inspiring, but also appreciated and held in high regard. 

Modester Chawirah has been Enscope’s Contracts and Commercial Manager since early 2021. Since joining Enscope, Modester quickly settled into a male dominated environment, bringing expertise and a fresh perspective in the areas of commercial management, contracts administration, dispute avoidance and resolution, as well as in the areas of equality, diversity, and inclusion.  

Following 15 years in infrastructure, resources and oil and gas, Modester has contributed to Enscope and to the pipelines industry through her knowledge and experience on complex projects and ability to manage complex relationships.  She has an ability to support her opinion with knowledge and consideration and she will not shy from voicing her belief but always in a respectful manner.  

Modester’s natural leadership also glows through her active membership in Enscope’s Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Engagement Working Group (AEWG). Enscope’s AEWG was launched early 2021 as an initiative to increase cultural awareness and to foster positive aboriginal engagement.Modester has been a proactive advocate of the initiative since its inception. 

I have always enjoyed the work and the knowledge that I’m contributing to changing the landscape around me,” Modester says. 

“It’s an industry where I get to mix with people from different professional backgrounds which can be fascinating. On any given day, I can start by having discussions with welders to project managers to lawyers and do my very best to understand how they all fit into the same project.

“I have had numerous fantastic mentors throughout my career and have always taken the time to listen to them and learn but also always remained true to myself. I’ve never wanted to be ‘one of the guys’ as there’s always been enough of them.”

Enscope provides project development, project management, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning in support of energy infrastructure developments.  The company can deliver EPCM and EPC projects direct for clients, or can support its clients and partners as part of an integrated project team.  

It also undertakes stand-alone analysis and assessments to help define the scope, cost and schedule for prospective projects, or to support the needs of existing assets.

The team comprises of project managers, designers, construction managers, engineers, commissioning technicians and trade qualified electrical and instrumentation technicians capable of fulfilling typical functional roles in EPC and EPCM-style project delivery organisations, or as part of the construction contractor’s team. Modester is an exceptional female leader, and Enscope believes that she plays a valuable role in the pipelines industry.  

“I have always believed that if I’m my true self and do the best job I can do, the rest will fall in place – but you must enjoy it and work hard,” she says. “I have always looked for employers that allow me the freedom to grow. Enscope is progressive and forward thinking and gives its employees that freedom to develop their best ideas through to action.”  

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This article features in the July edition of The Australian Pipeliner. 

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