Mitchell delivers on Tungamah

Goulburn-Murray Water awarded the contract for construction to Mitchell Australasia, which had successfully completed similar projects in Normanville and Woorinen.

The scope of work included construction using pipelines ranging in diameter size from 50 mm to 300mm, supplied by Iplex Pipelines.

At tender, Goulburn-Murray Water gave the project a period of two years to construct, however Mitchell offered to complete the project within one year and the project in its entirety was completed ahead of the offered schedule. The project was also constructed below budget.

The works also included construction of a 140 megalitre earthen storage lagoon, and an automated remote controllable multi-component pump station.

During construction, Mitchell overcame many challenges, including coping with heat, dust and flies; hundreds of under-road bores; 14 live rail bores; dozens of under-creek bores; complete property liaison with 776 properties, and hundreds of alignment changes to better suit Goulburn-Murray Water and property owners.

The State Government made a major contribution of $17 million towards the $20.4 million project cost.

The Tungamah project has helped the area to achieve water savings of 85 per cent, meaning the water previously used in one year now lasts six years. Water is now available to properties 365 days per year on demand, as opposed to the “˜once-a-year dam fill’ under the old channel system.

Subcontractors involved in the project included PRG boring, Kevin Barzen Boring, BTB Boring, Girdwood Constructions, Collie Earthmoving (for lagoon construction), Moretto Building (for pump control building), BKB Pumps, Ladd Electrical, and surveys by GC Sadlier Design.

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