Milestone for major Melbourne water pipeline

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Melbourne Water is building a new pipeline to meet growing demand for water in key growth areas of Greater Melbourne.

The project involves construction of a 20km pipeline from the Yan Yean Water Treatment Plant to the Bald Hill, Kalkallo tank site.

Melbourne Water recently completed construction and commissioning of the new Yan Yean pumping station, marking a major milestone in the project.

This new infrastructure will improve the reliability of water supply in the northern suburbs and free up capacity to transfer more water to the western suburbs. This upgrade is critical, as there is currently insufficient water infrastructure to support Melbourne’s projected population increase of 4.6 million 2016 to 6.0 million in 2031.

“The growth areas of Melbourne are predominantly in the north and the west, and those areas are going to need a lot of water,” Melbourne Water operational and communications manager Andrew Mellor said.

A large water tank at Bald Hill was constructed as part of the project. The 10m tall, 36m in diameter tank will be the end point of water sourced from the Yan Yean Reservoir, before being funnelled through the Yarra Valley Water Network.

Construction of the 20km pipeline connecting Yan Yean and Bald Hill has been split into two 10km section. It is understood that construction of both sections is well advanced.

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