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Cortec’s VpCI-379® liquid concentrate is all about saving labour and eliminating oily mess with a safe, water-based rust preventative.

Taking a sustainable approach to fighting corrosion and extending the life of metal surfaces and equipment parts is the main mission of Cortec Corporation.

Unlike traditional rust preventatives that rely on petroleum, Cortec water-based alternatives are globally known as environmentally responsible options improving worker experience.

Cortec’s goal is to create corrosion protection solutions that are safe, effective, and equally important and economical wherever possible.

Cortec’s VpCI-379® is a cost-effective, water-based corrosion inhibitor liquid concentrate.

Specially designed by Cortec’s engineers to comply with strict anti-pollution standards, the VPCI-379® also has the added benefit of being easy to apply.

VpCI-379® is engineered for multi-metal corrosion protection in sheltered areas, such as indoors or within containers shielded from direct exposure to rain and outdoor elements.

Its vapor phase functionality enables some migration to areas susceptible to humidity and corrosive agents when used within an enclosed space.

With strong protection for uncoated surfaces, VpCI-379®  is designed as a complete replacement for hazardous oil-based rust preventives.

The wide dilution range (between five and 50 per cent) allows flexibility and enables significant cost savings.

“It provides superior protection against humidity and eliminates cleaning and housekeeping problems associated with oils,” Cortec said.

VpCI-379® forms a clear and dry film which renders an attractive appearance on protected

parts. The product will also become dry-to-touch in ambient conditions 30 minutes after application, meaning wait times are drastically reduced.

VpCI-379® leaves a hydrophobic protective layer on metal surfaces and is easy to remove with conventional alkaline cleaners, if necessary. It also may be painted over with some common paints and primers without removal.

There are several typical applications for Cortec’s VpCI-379®, including:

  • Castings, forgings, tubular parts, machined/honed metal components.
  • Gears, pumps, electric motors, housings, textile and printing equipment.
  • Precision machined parts; structural steel; sintered metals, bars, and roll stock.
  • Additive to parts washers and rinse water systems, hydro blasting, hydrotesting.

This product is available through Savcor Products Australia in Australia and New Zealand.

For more information, visit or call 1800 SAVCOR

This article featured in the May edition of The Australian Pipeliner. 

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