Long-term contracts the key for Diversified

Diversified has established itself as a company with strengths in pipeline construction, repair and maintenance. The company has a strong management team with many years experience in the construction of long distance high pressure pipelines.

Diversified has grown at a strong rate over the last five years, building a strong client base. Diversified is proud of its achievements and believes that its people and culture are the keys to success. It currently employs about 130 full time personnel.

Diversified’s workforce is primarily made up of permanent employees which is unusual in the industry. This provides security of employment, career path opportunities and results in a high level of employee loyalty.

The company’s Quality Management System has been certified to ISO 9001 and has been designed to provide high quality product for clients.

Diversified has built its business around and seeks to secure contracts with longevity. This provides a stable base workload and a platform from which to undertake one off “ňútraditional’ pipeline construction projects.

Diversified is unique in the oil and gas industry in that it operates on all elements of the oil and gas transport system from the well head at the source, through the collector, processing, transmission and distribution networks to the end user.

In addition to direct pipeline design and construction activities, disciplines include installation and programming of instrumentation and electrical systems; development of database construction management systems; decommissioning and mothballing; recycling and refurbishment of abandoned pipelines; cathodic protection systems and pumping and piping systems.

High global demand for steel has resulted in significant incremental cost increases for steel products including pipes. In order to hedge this trend, Diversified has also built up expertise in the installation of alternatives such as glass reinforced epoxy (GRE) pipe, polyethylene pipe (PE) and nylon pipe.

Diversified has its own camp facilities for working in remote locations and has a comprehensive range of pipeline construction equipment including rocksaws, bucket wheel trenchers, side booms, dozers, excavators of various sizes, a fleet of trucks and floats and testing equipment.

Diversified’s successful management of safety and environmental issues and integrated contract management approach has led to it having a list of blue chip clients from the oil and gas industry in Australia. Some contracts with these clients extend out as far as 2013.

Some of the clients Diversified has successful relationships with include Santos, Origin Energy, Caltex, Tipperary Oil & Gas and Bechtel. Projects include construction of long distance pipelines and flowlines in remote locations; construction of twin 10 and 24 inch crude oil pipelines in tidal conditions, with twin 1.5 km directional drills carried out by Coe Drilling; high pressure 6 inch steel gas main through inner city Brisbane; and coal seam gas gathering systems.

Diversified attributes their success to the focus, dedication and hard work of their employees and the company congratulates them on their achievements to date.

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