Worldwide Group

Worldwide Group (WWG) combines more than 60 years of experience in the pipeline industry with the latest engineering.

WWG sells and rents equipment including pipelayers, padding machines, earthmoving equipment, bending machines, vacuum lifts and flatbed tractors for pipeline projects from 6 to 60 inches (153 to 1,524 mm) around the world.

The company holds one of the world’s largest pipelayer rental fleets, which features more than 220 pipelayers.
The pipeline division stands out with the new and innovative SUPERIOR SPX-Series pipelayers. These are available in three sizes (SPX-960, SPX-660 and SPX-460) and are similar in capacity to Caterpillar’s 594, 583 and 572 respectively.

SUPERIOR manufacturing builds the whole equipment with CE approval, meaning it meets the European Union’s safety, health and environmental requirements. Some of the safety features of the SPX series include electronic boom kick-out, anti-two block, free fall and the new ATP anti-tipping system.

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