Tremco Pipeline Equipment Pty Ltd

Tremco Pipeline Equipment is a supplier and stockist of the highest quality pipeline construction, corrosion protection, emergency response and maintenance equipment available.

Some of the companies it is an agent and distributor for:

  • Altene – corrosion protection tape systems
  • CDI – pig tracking and locating equipment
  • Darby – construction equipment, benders, line up clamps, roller cradles
  • ENR – high pressure hot tap, line stop equipment
  • ALH – inflatable pipe stopper bags and systems
  • Girard – pipeline cleaning pigs, poly foam, mandrel, solid cast urethane
  • Maloney – casing insulators, pig signallers, spheres, test stations, cement plugs, end seals
  • Petro-Line – permanent steel compression repair sleeve
  • PLIDCO – high pressure bolt on pipeline leak repair fittings
  • Sawyer MFG – manufacturers of pipe cutting, bevelling and welding equipment
  • SPY – holiday detectors and pig trackers
  • Sypris Tube Turns – Closures and MIJ’s
  • Tulsa Valve – Valves and Pig Valves
  • Texas Pneumatics – Venturi air movers, Air manifolds, In-line Lubricators and more
  • WeldFit – hot tap and line stop fittings, Automated pig launchers, receivers, and flow tees other equipment including insulation gasket kits, link seals and all related pipeline products.

Available for hire: CRC Evans 6 to 20 inch (153 to 508 mm) Pipe Bender. Pipeline emergency response is available 24 hours a day.

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