Michels Corporation

Michels Corporation (Michels) is a diverse utility contractor and an industry leader in pipeline construction and horizontal directional drilling (HDD).

Founded in 1959 as a gas pipeline contractor, Michels specialises in building mainline cross-country pipelines for oil and gas transmission systems, as well as fabricating and constructing meter stations and compressor stations, hydrostatic testing, and pipeline rehabilitation, maintenance and repair.

Michels is regarded as one of the premier HDD contractors in the world, specialising in drills ranging in diameter from 2 to 60 inches (50 to 1,520 mm) and up to 4,785 m in length through any subsurface condition.

Michels is a leader in soft ground and hard rock tunnelling, as well as underwater retrieval of tunnel boring machines (TBMs), microtunnelling, shaft construction, slip lining and pipe jacking.

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