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Double 180mm PE POLYSTOPP hot tap and stop with bypass. Image provided by Pro Pipe Services.

When it comes to providing hot tapping and line isolation services, Pro Pipe Services has the pipeline experience customers can rely on.

The Pro Pipe Services team has grown considerably over the past three years, with all its technicians having various amounts of experience in the pipeline industry.

The company’s technicians have gained their skills by providing hot tapping and line isolation services not only at the local and national level, but also right across the globe.

Company Directors Joe Buttigieg and Dean Muscat were previously employed by one of the world’s leading suppliers of hot tapping and line isolation products and services.

During this time both Buttigieg and Muscat held various roles with the organisation, from technician to master technicians, then onto managerial positions, including looking after the Global Technical Services group.

“We know the industry very well, we have been fortunate to gain our experience working in many countries abroad, on many various sized pipelines, product and pressures,” Buttigieg said.

“Having worked in many countries across the world, such as the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and throughout Asia, including right across Australia and New Zealand, means we have a good understanding of what different customers require when it comes to pipeline services.

“At Pro Pipe Services, we are about being adaptable, however still providing a safe, reliable and efficient service.”

A testament to this is the hot tapping and line Isolation services the company has provided to the local industry since first forming in 2018.

“We have been operational now for just over five years, and in that time, we have seen massive year-on-year growth in our business,” Buttigieg said.

“Our local technician base has tripled, and we have completed well over 2000 jobs of various sizes in that period of time, with an estimated 3500 hot taps and 1500-line isolations during that period.”

Whether it is steel, cast iron or polyethylene, low or high-pressure gas, water or any other pipeline product, the team at Pro Pipe Services has the knowledge and expertise to safely execute any hot tapping and line Isolation project, on time.

Pro Pipe Services is also using proven technology that has stood the test of time.

“By using T.D Williamson’s hot tap and line isolation equipment, we know that we can achieve a seal that can provide the customer with a safe environment to perform alterations, tie-ins or abandonment of existing infrastructure, whether it be for a modification or repair of a pipeline,” Buttigieg said.

Over the last five years, Pro Pipe Services has provided hot tapping and line isolation services on a number of major pipeline and infrastructure projects in the Australian pipeline industry, including major stake holders.

10-inch (DN250) stainless steel hot tap at water treatment plant. Image provided by Pro Pipe Services.
10-inch (DN250) stainless steel hot tap at water treatment plant. Image provided by Pro Pipe Services.

Buttigieg said this is something Pro Pipe Services is very proud of.

The company also continues to invest in its technicians and equipment, to provide more professional services to the industry.

“Commissioning of pipelines is a relatively new service we provide to customers,” he said.

“We can provide the engineering calculations and commissioning plans to ensure that the pipeline is commissioned safely.

Pro Pipe Services has added to its existing fleet of T.D Williamson POLYSTOPP® PE isolation Equipment and invested in POLYSTOPP® QC (Quick Connect) equipment.

The POLYSTOPP plugging equipment allows the customer to isolate and modify their PE pipeline safely without the need for squashing, therefore removing the risk of any damage to the pipeline on completion of the job.

With some customers running their PE lines at maximum capacity, the investment in the POLYSTOPP QC equipment allows Pro Pipe Services to isolate PE lines at 10 bar (1000 kPa).

Pro Pipe Services not only provides hot tapping and line isolation services, but it also provides pipe cutting, commissioning, decommissioning, equipment maintenance on all types of pipeline equipment and training.

“With Pro Pipe Services having a local presence in the Australian pipeline industry and being based in Australia with Australian Technicians, our technicians have all the qualifications, and requirements to work on any site in Australia,” Buttigieg said.

“Having a local service centre fully equipped with equipment, tools and technicians means we can respond to our customers needs in a timely fashion.

“To add to this, Pro Pipe Services is a T.D Williamson channel partner, meaning we can access more equipment, engineering, and products for our customers.”

To further compliment the channel partnership and services it provides to the pipeline industey, Pro Pipe Services has build a number of relationships with welding companies to provide a greater scope of services to the industry.

For more information, visit propipeservices.com.

This article featured in the January edition of The Australian Pipeliner. 

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