kwik-ZIP spacers – the only Australian-owned spacer on the market

kwik zip

Spacer systems can be used on a wide range of new and rehabilitated trenchless pipeline installations to proactively aid the installation process.

Kwik-ZIP’s casing spacer and centraliser systems help contractors to comply with regulations that require casing centralizers or pipe spacers (also referred to as slippers or spiders), like wastewater and sewerage codes and water well construction standards.

Developed by drilling professionals, these centraliser and spacer systems are solving centralisation challenges around the world.

The Kwik-ZIP product range is entirely Australian owned and designed, making it the only of its kind. But despite its local origins, Kwik-ZIP products now serve many different market sectios in  in the USA, UK, continental Europe, the Middle East, and Central and South America.

Kwik-ZIP’s spacers and centralisers are applicable for use on a range of different pipe profiles, with varying surfaces, on open bores and pipe bundle arrangements, and across pipe-in-pipe applications such as sliplining.

The range can accommodate large diameters by joining additional segments – installation only requires a flat-blade screwdriver.

The range is constructed from Kwik-ZIP’s engineered thermoplastic blend that allows for high flexural strength, high temperature resistance, a low coefficient of friction, and abrasion and chemical resistance.

Kwik-Zip’s spacers and centralisers are chemically inert and support carrier pipe on low co-efficient of friction wear pads that resist abrasion from casing/host pipe surface.  They act to minimize damaging vibration and movement transfer from outer casing to carrier pipe via suspension and dampening effect, making them ideal for use in road and rail crossing scenarios.

Kwik-ZIP HDX-90
Kwik-ZIP HDX-90’s installed on Steelmain’s DN800 MSCL for a Melbourne project.

Kwik-Zip’s spacers and centralisers resist chemicals and oils, even if immersed for long periods of time, and contain no metal parts to promote corrosion.  They also have no lead content – making them fully compatible with all potable water applications.

Kwik-ZIP spacers and centralisers have been used on many large-scale infrastructure projects since the company was established in 2001. In recent times, Kwik-ZIP spacers were used in the South Grafton PS Outfall Pipes project in NSW. Kwik-ZIP model HDX 65 spacers were selected and installed at 1 m intervals to support the carrier pipe and protect it from abrasion damage during installation for both sections.

In 2020, industry giant Pezzimenti Trenchless used Kwik-ZIP spacers to facilitate the slip lining of a watermain for the Holden Reservoir Inlet Pipeline in Melbourne. Kwik-ZIP HDX-90 spacers were installed to facilitate the slip-lining of an 813 mm cement-lined steel water main into a steel encasing pipe.

Kwik-ZIP HDX-90 spacers were also used to support the slip lining process during the Haughton Pipeline Duplication Project in Queensland. This $215 million project included the duplication of 36.5 km of pipeline, pumping water from the Upper Haughton Irrigation Channel into Townsvilles’s Ross Dam.

Recently, Kwik-ZIP spacers were used on the Te Maunga Landward Section Outfall in Tauranga, New Zealand. Spacers were installed around the circumference of the DN1200 polyethylene (PE) pipeline to ensure it was centred, while pulling the pipeline through 100 m of existing concrete duct.

The feedback on all projects has been unanimous: Kwik-ZIP spacers are quick and easy to install, as well as being both affordable and effective. Contractors have commended the company for its thorough customer service and technical support, and Kwik-ZIP is supported by dozens of testimonials from long-time industry experts.

For more information visit the Kwik-ZIP website.


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