kwik-ZIP: From strength to strength

HDXT 103's utilised on Te Maunga Landward Section outfall project.

How kwik-ZIP’s 23 years of innovation and growth has led the company to where it is today.

After joining the family’s third generation water well drilling business, Bunbury Drilling Company, in 1995, Jason Linaker established kwik-ZIP Spacers.

Following his development of the industry’s first patented non-metallic plastic bow spring centraliser in 2000, Linaker founded kwik-ZIP Spacers to continue producing and marketing centraliser and spacer products for wider use.

Since then, the kwik-ZIP team has developed and been awarded patents on various other centraliser and spacer products for applications in many industries including production drilling, trenchless pipeline installations and ground engineering just to name a few.

Kwik-ZIP Spacers shown on corrugated pipe.
Kwik-ZIP Spacers shown on corrugated pipe.

Today, kwik-ZIP manufacture and supply a centraliser and spacer system for many industry sectors including production well drilling, trenchless pipeline, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and the general civil and construction markets.

“kwik-ZIP spacers and centralisers have been developed to solve support, grading and centralisation challenges in the trenchless and pipeline, vertical production drilling, and ground engineering industries,” Linaker said.

“Manufactured from high grade thermoplastic, kwik-ZIP products are used and recommended by pipeline and civil contractors, water and gas utilities, drilling companies and international engineering firms.

“With no metal parts and made from kwik-ZIP’s engineered thermoplastic blend, the centralisers flexible, tough and have a low co-efficient of friction.”

Like all kwik-ZIP’s products the HDX/HDXT spacer system series are aligned with the company’s ethos to provide simple, cost-effective, and high-quality solutions. Manufactured and designed to be utilised on and in many types of pipes, including corrugated pipe installations, the HDX/HDXT series are one of the most versatile and adaptable spacers on the market.

The HDX casing spacer comes in four runner heights, 38mm, 65mm, 90mm and 125mm. The HDXT casing spacer comes in five runner heights, 43mm, 58mm, 63mm, 103mm, and 153mm.

Kwik-ZIP spacers on high-strength steel line gas transmission  pipe with an external epoxy coating.
Kwik-ZIP spacers on high-strength steel line gas transmission pipe with an external epoxy coating.

In addition, the HDX and HDXT Series has been certified against WSAA Product Specification Product Specification # 324 (Casing Spacers).

The use of kwik-ZIP products helps contractors to comply with the numerous regulations that require casing centralisers or pipe spacers (slippers or spiders), including wastewater and sewerage codes and well construction standards.

Linaker said as one of the only Australian-owned spacers on the market, kwik-ZIP provides clients with a cost-efficient solution to its spacer and centraliser requirements.

“kwik-ZIP has established stockist in Australia, US, UK and New Zealand, and operates from our head office in Perth and warehouse facilities in Sydney, Texas, and the UK,” he said.

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