Kings Park pipeline upgrades completed

Water Corporation has finalised upgrades on two major water infrastructure projects, as part of its Pipes for Perth program.

The Mount Eliza Reservoir received a $7.7 million upgrade water-pipe inlets replaced, along with the construction of a new regulating valve, valve pit and valve pit wall.

In the second phase, the $10 million project had a reservoir outlet valve and pipework replaced, with approximately 700m of old pipe upgraded and upsized, to secure water reliability.

“These improvements are necessary to ensure Perth’s water supply reliability and security long into the future,” Western Australia (WA) Water Minister Simone McGurk said.

“Many of the pipes in Kings Park were close to 100 years old and were designed to carry water in a very different time.

“Since they were installed, the population of the Perth metropolitan area has increased 200-fold.

“The work in Kings Park was done in two phases, over seasons when demand for water was low, to minimise disruption for the thousands of people who flock to the park every year, especially for the Everlasting Kings Park Festival.”

Water Corporation worked in partnership with the Botanic Garden and Parks Authority throughout the project.

The Pipes for Perth program began in 2016, with the goal to renew infrastructure and mitigate the risk of future leaks.

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