Kemppi launches first standard welding procedure specifications for onsite welding

As at 1 July 2014, all structural steel and aluminum products must be CE marked, as stated in the European Commission’s Construction Products Regulation (CPR). Workshops manufacturing construction products will require certification in accordance with EN 1090-2, which states that all welding activities haveto be in compliance with EN ISO 3834 – Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials.

A comprehensive solution for workshop and onsite work

To meet the requirements of the EN 1090-2 standard, Kemppi has released the first standard welding procedure specifications (WPS) packages for workshop and project-site use. These WPSs apply to both metal inert gas/metal active gas (MIG/MAG) and manual metal welding (MMA) welding and are ideal in the demanding and constantly changing environments of construction sites.

Standard WPSs for MIG/MAG welding in workshops

Suitable for use with FastMig Pulse or FastMig X 450 welding machines, the standard Kemppi WPS package contains 16 WPSs, which also cover pulsed welding. The standard welding procedure specifications comply in full with EN ISO 15612 and can be used for steels in strength classes up to 355 MPA in manual welding of structures in execution classes EXC1 and EXC2.

Compatible WPSs for MMA welding on worksites

Kemppi’s standard WPS package for MMA welding is based on customer needs. It contains all necessary welding procedure specifications in an easy to understand format and is compatible with all MMA welding machines. If there are no impact strength requirements, these WPSs can be used with filler materials of class EN ISO 2560-A E 42 4 B 42 H5. When an impact-strength requirement is set, these WPSs can be used with the following filler materials: Esab OK 48.00, Böhler FOX EV 50 and Elga P48 S.

ArcQ welding quality management system for execution classes EXC3 and EXC4

The ArcQ system is based on the requirements set forth in the EN ISO 3834 welding quality management standard, which constitute a cornerstone of high-quality manufacturing.

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