Kemppi Australia’s Arc System 3 impresses at unveiling

Attendees from project management, offshore fabrication, oil and gas, and the construction and mining sectors, with an interest in welding quality control and management gathered to hear about the Arc System 3’s capability and were also given an impressive demonstration of the system in action.

Using a whole suite of software based solutions, the Arc System 3 was specifically developed by Kemppi to improve welding quality management and operational productivity as well as reducing cost and risk.

The system offers a choice of Arc modules that work seamlessly together to capture ‘big data’ welding information.

This information allows users to more effectively monitor, control and manage the quality and efficiency of their welding operations.

ARC System 3 applies to a multi machine and even multi-site operation, managed from a single central welding co-ordination point.

The System traces every weld, records welder qualifications, welding procedure specifications (WPS), all materials and operational welding parameters.

Once welding parameters are set, any deviations by the welder are identified in real-time and can be altered to eliminate the need for rework.

For more information on the Kemppi Arc System 3 call Kemppi Australia on (02) 8785 2000, email or visit

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