Jemena wants Renewable Gas Target

Like the Renewable Energy Target (RET) helped stimulate the development of renewable electricity technologies, Jemena Managing Director Frank Tudor said, so could a Renewable Gas Target do the same for zero-emissions gases.  

“By decarbonising our existing gas infrastructure we can avoid unnecessarily building new alternative forms of energy infrastructure, which will have a significant impact on customer bills,” he said. 

“In the short-term this will make the transition to a low-carbon future seamless and means Australian homes and businesses can continue to use their gas stoves, heaters, and other appliances. 

“We believe a Renewable Gas Target could see up to 9 PJ of zero-carbon gas injected into Jemena’s New South Wales gas distribution network by 2030.  

“This would remove around 464,000 t of carbon from the atmosphere each year, the equivalent of over 200,000 cars, and help NSW achieve a 10 per cent renewable gas target.” 

Mr Tudor also said a gas target would give confidence to sectors like manufacturing which rely on gas as a fuel tock, as they would be able to continue operating while their supply chains are decarbonised.  

This time last year, Jemena called for a national green certification program to enable customers to purchase verified and approved zero-emission gas, as is currently possible for renewable electricity.  

The company is currently developing a number of hydrogen and biomethane initiatives, including the Western Sydney Green Gas Project which will see hydrogen blended into its NSW natural gas network. 

For more information visit the Jemena website. 

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