Introducing Infield Impact

The company offers fast and flexible staffing solutions, gas pipeline civil works inspection and supervision, comprehensive cultural heritage planning and control, effective land access and negotiation, farm management expertise, and machinery hygiene inspections.

Founder and Director Michael Dunn brings extensive experience and qualifications to support all phases of a pipeline project. His experience includes construction supervision, risk and environmental management, land access management, logistics, stakeholder negotiation, quality inspections, and technical writing for gas pipeline procedures.

Michael holds a Bachelor of Business Management in Agricultural Commerce from Sydney University, an Honours Degree in Archaeology, and is a registered cultural heritage advisor with Aboriginal Affairs Victoria. In addition, Michael has completed the AS/NZS 4360 Risk Management Standard, the Victorian Department of Primary Industries inspection for plant, animal and soil material for plant and equipment, and the General Principals of Pipeline Design offered by OSD Energy Services Pipeline Consultants.

From his beginnings in the industry in 1996 as a labourer on the Kambalda to Kalgoorlie Gas Pipeline, Mr Dunn has worked on a variety of pipeline projects around the country, building invaluable knowledge, skills and expertise. This includes the Wagga to Barnawartha Interconnector Pipeline, the Moomba to Adelaide Looping Project, the Eastern Gas Pipeline, the Century Zinc Pipeline and the McGauran’s Beach Pipeline Tow-Out. In addition, he has worked with the front-end welding crew on the SEA Gas Project from Pelican Point in Adelaide to Port Campbell, operating the tack rig with some production days of 240 welds.

Since completing his Agricultural Business Degree in 2004, Mr Dunn has undertaken land liaison and community consultation work during the front-end engineering and design (FEED), delivery, and sign-off stage of various pipeline projects.

“I’ve acted as land liaison and client representative for Alinta for the South Gippsland Pipeline and for APA Group for the Robinsons Road Augmentation. I’ve undertaken route selection for the Sugar Loaf Pipeline during the FEED stage and I’ve been a senior site construction supervisor for the Northern Victoria Irrigation Renewal Project,” said Mr Dunn.

Mr Dunn carried out AS 2885 risk assessment tasks for the QSN 3 Epic Energy Project and the Brooklyn to Lara Pipeline. More recently, Mr Dunn undertook the civil pipeline inspectors role for the Node 3 Gas Pipeline as part of Arrow Energy’s Moranbah Gas Project.

Through appropriate route selection and effective communication with personnel on the ground, Infield Impact can support pipeline proponents, as well as reduce the risk of damaging the environment and culturally sensitive areas during the clearing of the initial construction footprint.

“Our archaeological and heritage services will ensure regulatory compliance while building relationships with the local Aboriginal communities,” explained Mr Dunn.

Infield Impact also offers fast and flexible emergency staffing solutions. Should personnel be ill or have to leave the site for family reasons, Infield Impact can get experienced manpower in the field to minimise downtime. Infield Impact’s staffing solutions will ensure the continuity of productivity and that construction is undertaken in accordance with the contract and standard operating procedures.

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