Williams completes gas pipeline expansion

The Rivervale South to Market Project is an expansion of the existing Transco natural gas pipeline system, constructed to meet the growing heat and power generation demand for the northeastern US consumers.

The expansion project will provide 190,000 dth of firm natural gas, which is enough to meet the daily needs of approximately 1 million homes.

Williams upgraded 16.6 km of the Transco pipeline, adding pipeline looping and modifying existing facilities in New Jersey.

This expansion will increase the entire system’s design capacity to 17.2 million dth/d.

Williams President and CEO Alan Armstrong said the clean, reliable natural gas is in high demand in the north eastern markets where it has a direct impact on significantly improving regional air quality.

“The Rivervale South to Market Project will continue this progress in a manner than minimises environmental impacts by enhancing and expanding our existing Transco pipeline infrastructure,” said Mr Armstrong.

The system provides cost-effective natural gas services in 12 southeastern and Atlantic Seaboard states and consists of approximately 16,094 km of pipeline that extends nearly 2,897 km between South Texas and New York City.

The initial portion of the Rivervale South to Market project was placed into service on 1 July and the remaining portion was placed on 1 September.

For more information visit the Williams website.

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