Valves selected for major Mediterranean gas project

The Sabratha platform is a key component of the new Agip-operated development, gathering and commingling flow from 26 new subsea and platform gas wells before providing partial treatment of the sour gas and associated condensate streams produced. Once commissioned, 25m. cum/d will be treated and mixed with gas currently being flared from nearby existing wells before being piped 110km through 36-in gas and condensate pipelines for final processing onshore.

The platform is being built and installed by Saipem/Hyundai Heavy Industries, who have ordered globe, angle globe, butterfly, and ball valves with a value in excess of å£1.5 million from Severn Glocon. The majority of the valves are manufactured from Inconel 625 and Incoloy 825 and fitted with high-integrity glands and security shrouds for sour-gas duties. Valve sizes ordered range from 1-in Class 300 globes to 24-in Class 1500 Inconel 625 clad angle valves, each weighing in excess of 17 tonnes. All the valves are being packaged with pneumatic actuators, positioners, and instrumentation.

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