Transnet applies to open pipeline sections early

If approved, the amendment would allow Transnet to operate portions of its new multiproduct pipeline – designed to transport fuel products from Durban to Gauteng – ahead of the initial target completion date of December 2011, outlined in the current licence.

The new pipeline includes the construction of a 544 km trunkline from Durban to Gauteng as well as the construction of a 160 km inland pipeline network.
Transnet has stated that although the entire pipeline will not be completed until December 2011 as originally stated, segments of the pipeline are ready to become operational in the near future.

“It is envisaged that the Jameson Park to Alrode, Alrode to Langlaate and Kendal to Watloo 16 inch diameter sections will become operational at the end of June 2010,” the company said in its application.

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