Technical advisor for the Jordan gas pipeline

The trans-Jordanian pipeline is part an inter-regional project to export Egyptian gas to Jordan and then to Syria, Lebanon, and ultimately to Europe. The first phase of the project was completed in July, 2003, as the gas pipeline reached Aqaba thermal power station on the Red Sea.

The $900,000-project now given Tractebel Engineering will extend for up to 30 months, and involves the construction of the second portion of the pipeline, 393km of 36-in diameter, across Jordan and to the Rehab power station, north of Amman. Tractebel and its Jordanian partner will perform the project audit and will follow-up the quality, time limits, and costs of the construction of the new pipeline.

Tractebel is also carrying out a development study for the gas-transmission infrastructure in Lebanon, which is to be linked to the same inter-regional network.

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