Shell awards additional umbilical cable to Nexans

The Coulomb umbilical cable comprises four 1-in steel tubes and eight half-inch steel tubes, to transport hydraulic fluids for well control, and three electrical quads for supplying electrical power and telecommunication signals from the NaKika host platform to the subsea wells.
Nexans won the Shell/BP NaKika contract in December 2000, supplying nine umbilical cables, with a cumulative length of 91.6km. These umbilical cables interlink five subsea developed oil- and gasfields to the NaKika host platform in the Gulf of Mexico.
The umbilical systems will be manufactured at Nexans’ Halden plant, in Norway, and are scheduled for completion by January next year.
,A WORLD leader in the cable industry, Paris-bsaed Nexans, has been awarded an additional umbilical cable of 43.4km length to the NaKika host for Shell’s Coulomb Gulf of Mexico field.

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