ROSEN launches new technology

At this year’s Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management Conference (PPIM) in Houston, Texas, ROSEN will unveil its new technology which provides laser-like 3D metal loss profiles derived from magnetic flux leakage (MFL).

The most widely used in-line inspection (ILI) tools employ MFL technology which are particularly well suited for the inspection of gas pipelines when applying electro-magnetic principles.

Until now, 3D profiling has not been available for ILI tools utilising MFL technology but ROSEN’s new technology, known as Deep Field Analyze, will do so to enable a true understanding of what is in the ground.

Owed to high-quality data from axial and circumferential MFL inspections being used and processed, laser-like 3D profiles of a metal loss feature will be provided for visualisation of the true shape of any corrosion or gouging prior to a dig up.

Deep Field Analyze will also benefit operators by providing information of maintenance optimisation, such as dig up priorities allowing faster decision-making processes for future activities and integrity conformation that will demonstrate calculations of safe burst pressure.

As a unique technology to the ILI market, ROSEN will incorporate its use into a new service on offer by the company, the ‘Virtual Dig Up’.

Representatives from ROSEN will be available at PPIM 2020 to discuss the company’s services at Booth 707.

For more information visit the ROSEN website.

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