ROSEN delivers smart pipes in Canada

The pipe is internally coated with a wear resistant RoCoat™ liner and features the monitoring system, which allows for the online acquisition of coating condition data.

The wear monitoring devices were designed, manufactured and installed, and the pipe lined, at a pipe coating facility in Calgary.

Replacing the current pipe with ROSEN’s lined pipe is expected to result in a reduction in pipeline maintenance demands while increasing safety and lowering lifecycle costs.

The project involves replacing 13 km of pipe in 60 inch (1,524 mm) lengths, to be delivered to the site to accommodate a major maintenance outage scheduled by the operator.

During the outage, the current carbon steel pipelines will be changed out with the RoCoat™ lined pipe system.

The operator and its contractor, and the installation construction group, all worked closely with ROSEN to ensure efficient and cost-effective delivery of the coated pipe.

The company secured material from numerous Canadian and international suppliers and subcontractors.

In addition, a large team was hired locally to fill many positions.

Using the company’s experience and a well-executed plan, ROSEN was able to complete the project on schedule with zero injuries and a high-quality product.

For more information visit the ROSEN website.

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