PRCI awards promotions

The newly promoted staff members will work closely together to develop the program management team for PRCI.

Ms Perry has more than 30 years of experience working in the oil and gas industry, including being an active participant in supporting organisations.

Since joining PRCI in 2015, Ms Perry has served as a Program Manager, playing a key role in the organisation and being an integral part of the research execution efforts.

After leading both the Corrosion Committee and Underground Storage Technical Committees in her time, Ms Perry has earned a promotion to Senior Program Manager where she will continue to facilitate her committee roles.

Working closely with Ms Perry is Mr Choquette, who has worked in the natural gas transportation for more than 30 years himself.

After joining PRCI in 2012 as a Senior Program Manager and leading the Measurement Technical Committee and the Compressor and Pump Station Technical Committee, Mr Choquette has continued to provide strategic vision for the research portfolio.

Most recently, Mr Choquette has held the position of Director of Research Executive before earning the current promotion to Executive Director of Research and IT.

In this expanded role, Mr Choquette will lead the software development and maintenance program, as well as working closely with key contractors to ensure the research portfolio’s overall success.

For more information visit the PRCI website.

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