Potable plastic pipes for Yorkshire Water

Under the contract, which is worth around å£1.5M/yr, Wavin will supply all polyethylene pipes and fittings for mains’ maintenance, AMP 3-associated rehabilitation and renewal, and capital works. Wavin already holds the pvc pipes contract for the supply of Apollo PVC-O.

WavinSure is a light-blue medium density polyethylene (PE80) system intended for potable water at pressures up to 12 bar; it is available in 20-63mm diameters, in a variety of pipe lengths. Wavin SupaSure is a dark-blue high performance polyethyene (PEI 00) system, available in sizes 90-1000mm, and operating up to a maximum pressure of 16 bar. Both ranges are lightweight, corrosion resistant, and flexible – an ideal choice for new installations or rehabilitation work on service water and mains’ pipes. The pipes can be jointed by butt fusion or electrofusion to provide a completely homogenous, leakfree system. A complete range of bends, tees, stub flanges and service fittings are also

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