Pipeline Technology Conference – a world pipeline outlook

A large number of pipeline operators from Germany and abroad have already registered to be a part of the Conference, which will include nine technical sessions and over 60 speakers from 17 nations.

Speakers will present new technologies and current case studies concerning the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of offshore and onshore pipelines.

As in previous years, roughly 50 per cent of the participants will be from countries outside of Germany. Major international corporations such as Saudi Aramco, Petronas, Petrobras, Indian Oil, Kuwait Oil, GDF SUEZ and Eni have already confirmed their participation.

All of Germany’s major operators of crude oil and natural gas pipelines will also be represented.

The areas of intelligent pigging technology and integrity management, which have traditionally had a strong presence, will continue to form a focal point in 2011. The major technology suppliers will present their new developments for discussion and comparison in the technical sessions and the accompanying trade exhibition.

Other main topics include planning and construction, material issues, operational improvements, rehabilitation of ageing pipelines, the transportation of products such as CO2, LNG and hydrogen, and safety technology (third-party impact).

New technologies from what is currently the largest pipeline construction project in Europe, Nord Stream – OPAL – NEL, will be presented in a number of presentations.

The current conference programme, a list of exhibiting companies and further information can be found at www.pipeline-conference.com

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