Pipeline integrity training

The courses, on 2-6 and 9-10 February, respectively, will be held at the company’s office in Houston.

The TeleTest operator-certification course will end with a final written exam and field certification that will allow the individual to perform LRGWU testing of pipelines. In addition to this, the course covers: corrosion in pipework and its detection; introduction to, and characteristis of, guided waves; introduction to the software; operation, procedures, and test conditions; responses from defects; data interpretation; capabilities and limitations; trouble-shooting; and case studies.

The long-range guided-wave ultrasonics course will: provide a basic understanding of how the technology works; summarize the techniques’ benefits and limitations; summarize the steps involved in operating the tool properly; demonstrate how the tool should be used in the field, how to calculate inspection productivity, and how to interpret results; and, lastly, review various case study results to assist in analyzing the data and quality control of the results.

Further details are available from IST on (+1) 713 828 1318, or e-mail: jsumma@integrityst.net.

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