Pipeline integrity management for AltaGas Services

BASELINE Technologies has announced that AltaGas Services, one of Canada’s pioneering midstream companies and a leader in the midstream natural gas business since 1994, has chosen its pipeline-information control system (PICS) to efficiently manage and integrate all pipeline attribute and integrity maintenance data for the Porcupine Hills pipeline. The project for the 165-km pipeline, located in SW Alberta and acquired by AltaGas in 2000, will incorporate an enterprise license for PICS including Baseline’s risk-management toolkit (RMT), integration of pipe-attribution data with over-the-line and in-line inspection surveys along a 3-D pipe centreline, system integration, and administrative training.


Bruce Dupuis, president and chief technology officer at Baseline, is impressed with AltaGas’ pipeline integrity-management initiative, and pleased that his company will play an integral part in its implementation. “We welcome the opportunity to deliver immediate and measurable value to AltaGas’ integrity programme”,he said. Supporting AltaGas in its regulatory-compliance and operational-efficiency programmes, Baseline will utilize its expertise and technology to implement a systematic, accountable, and defensible integrity-management solution on the pipeline. PICS will provide the pipeline integrity-management team at AltaGas and its consultant, Alliance Engineering and Inspection Ltd, with cost-effective, off-the-shelf, functionality that is flexible and easy to use while providing accurate data and risk-assessment capabilities. 

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