Pig launcher/receiver acts as housing for in-line filtration

The technique is claimed to eliminate the need for expensive, high-pressure, special-purpose, external filtration units that are commonly used for pipeline filtration.
New pipeline safety regulations are forcing operators to test, examine, and clean pipelines to eliminate corrosion, dirt, particulates and contaminants from pipeline operations. In addition, dirty fluids grossly affect downstream fluid processing in petrochemical plants and refineries, and can actually lead to shutdown due to clogged equipment such as towers, heat exchangers, valves, and other equipment.
By using the pig launcher and/or the pig receiver as a filter housing, operators can remove the need for an external filter systems. Instead, the pig filter traps impurities in the filter cartridges while the filtered liquid continues to travel through the pipeline. One or more filter cartridges can be used, with pressure-tight connectors installed between multiple cartridge units.
Filtration normally takes place during pigging to receive the dislodged impurities. Once the filtration operation is complete, the filters are removed from the launcher body and the pig can be redeployed. To use the new method, the only modification to the pipeline is the insertion of a sump plate in a flange downstream of the pig launcher.

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