Pacific Texas to build products pipeline to Arizona

The 690-km long, 20-in diameter products pipeline will move gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel from West Texas and Gulf Coast refineries to the US’ burgeoning southwest market.

Total demand from the SW region (California, Nevada, and Arizona) is expected to grow from 1,837 million brl/d in 2000 to an estimated 2,247 million brl/d by 2010. This is a total increase of 410 million brl/d, with California alone accounting for 327 million brl/d. Based on these assumptions, Californian refineries are not expected to be able to supply local consumption and the growing exports to Nevada and Arizona by the end of the decade.

The capacity of the pipeline will be 250,000brl/d, and will provide the critical infrastructure needed to support financial growth in the SW, as well as access to low-cost products from West Texas and coastal refineries. The products pipeline project will allow the company also to interconnect with existing pipelines and terminals for the transportation of the various fuels needed in the Phoenix area. Pacific Texas is also planning a pipeline for natural gas delivery along the same route, and has already initiated the authorization process.

Transmission of the operating telemetry, security, and safety information will be handled via the latest in fibre-optic systems. Pacific Texas will be responsible for the operation and management of this project, which will create more than a 1,000 permanent jobs in the states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Pacific Texas is a private, Phoenix-based, transportation and energy company developing assets in targeted markets in need of transportation and energy infrastructure. It is currently developing a $1-billion plus, 1280-km long pipeline to service the SW’s growing energy needs. This 36-in diameter line is being designed to supply 1bcf/d of natural gas to industrial and other users in Arizona. A fibre-optic backbone will serve both pipelines, operating communications, security, and Internet market needs.

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