Oil pipeline to Jordan ‘not feasible’: Iraq

“Any pipeline to Jordan should be a branch of the main facility between Kirkuk and Banias, which is now damaged and we are trying to repair it,” he told reporters on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum conference at the Dead Sea resort.

Mr al-Shahristani was reacting to local reports that Jordanian Prime Minister Nader Dahabi was planning to visit Iraq shortly to discuss a number of issues, foremost the construction of a pipeline that Amman hopes will carry crude oil from Iraq to Jordan’s sole refinery at Zarqa, 30km east of the capital.

He said that the Iraqi government was committed to an agreement signed three years ago with Jordan under which Baghdad pledged to supply the kingdom with 10,000 bbl/d of oil at preferential prices, with a possibility to increase to 30,000 bbl/d.

Iraq, which was the main supplier of crude oil to Jordan during the previous regime of Saddam Hussein, has been unable to honour the new agreement with Amman due to lack of security.

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