North Sea leak-sealing first using Platelets

Working closely with BP and Aker Kvaerner (BP’s West of Shetland subsea engineering support team), Brinker successfully sealed a leak on a subsea water-injection pipeline on BP’s Foinaven field. The procedure from the start of the offshore operation to successful seal took less than 24 hrs.

Sandy Meldrum of BP in Aberdeen said: “This was a particularly difficult location to achieve a seal and we are delighted in the outcome. This allowed us to very quickly increase water injection from 141,000 to 154,000brl/d with an immediate affect on reservoir production. We had already identified Brinker’s technology as capable of offering a completely-new and innovative approach to pipeline sealing. We saw the potential for much greater flexibility and significant cost savings over traditional pipeline sealing technologies.”

BP, along with a number of other key North Sea operators, has been assisting Brinker Technology over the past year to develop its technology with a view to an offshore implementation. The outcome of this exercise on Foinaven was testimony to BP’s faith and support of new and innovative technologies. The company says that its process has not only the capability to seal a leak, but also to identify its the position. The company is currently developing it to provide location and sealing capability in pipelines of varying sizes ranging from 0.375in diameter to 48in.

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