New high-res UT pigging tools available

The new tool was introduced to a selected group of customers during a demonstration run performed last month (April) in a test pipeline at the premises of Weatherford-Kopp in Lingen, Germany. The pipeline was specially prepared with artificial defects simulating corrosion as well as cracks, and the tool performed two separate runs. In the first, the tool was configured as a crack-detection tool using a sensor carrier incorporating angled beam probes for crack detection. After the initial run, the tool was reconfigured as a metal-loss detection tool, a simple and fast process which only requires the change of the sensor carrier to a design using right-angled probes. The run was then repeated. Subsequently the data recorded was downloaded and presented to the visitors.
The high-resolution ultrasonic tool presented by NDT Systems & Services represents a new generation of technology. The electronics of the tool have been specifically designed to enable metal-loss and crack-detection surveys to be performed with the same tool, potentially offering huge cost savings in mobilization costs.

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